Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why This Blog Exists

Pass or fail?

That's the way designs are judged in hockey, more or less. And usually, that's as far as people think about it. Pass or fail. Is this design awesome, or does it suck? Maybe, if you're lucky, you get someone who can describe how a design makes them feel. As a graphic designer for almost a decade, I tend to go a little deeper than that. I can't help it -- it's the way I view the world.

And, hey, the world always needs another blog, right?

This is why I started this blog -- to nerd out about visual design in hockey and explain things from a graphic designer's perspective. I'm not saying I'm an expert I only watched the replay, but maybe I can help you see a design in a different way. Or maybe I'll just reinforce why a design sucks. Either way, I'll try not to bore you.

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